Mother Daughter Relationships

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  • Published : November 23, 2010
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In my opinion a woman is never complete until the birth of her first child. The moment she holds her baby for the first time, she thinks of all the things she’ll teach the baby. Many mothers dream of having a baby girl, to share the secrets of “woman-hood”. A mother-daughter relationship is a special bond between mother and daughter; their bonding can start at a very early age. As children we idolized our mothers and that’s the way it’s always been, until we’ve reached our early teens. Now our best friend becomes our enemy and we can’t stand a word she says. A mother-daughter relationship should in my opinion should be were the two have a special bond and respects each other.

Firstly a mother-daughter relationship should be one where they both find a joy in spending quality time with each other and the daughter idolizes her mother .In the novel Selections from Annie John Jamaica Kincaid explains how important she felt to be with her mother. Kincaid had a very close bond with her mother. They did almost everything together .This form of affection is very normal at this stage between a mother and her daughter. Kincaid admires her mother “when my eyes rested on my father, I didn’t think very much about the way he looked. But when my eyes rested on my mother, I found her beautiful”. When I was a child my mother and I would always fuss about me getting into her make-up kit and playing dress up in her clothing and high heels, I wanted to be just like “mommy” she was my hero in my eyes she did nothing wrong. My father was never around he always worked late nights giving me and my mother sometime alone to bond, sometimes I wished my father would never come home because I didn’t want it end. I hated sharing my mother I wanted her all to myself! Having a mother’s affection is the greatest gift one can ever have. Infants can sense when their loved, the minute it loses the attention of its mother the baby begins to fuss...
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