Mother-Daughter in Kitchen God's Wife

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Amy Tan's The Kitchen God's Wife is the story of a relationship between a mother and daughter that is much more than it seems. The story revolves around secrets and conflicts between mother and daughter, Chinese immigrant Winnie and her Americanize daughter Pearl. For over fifty years, Winnie has kept some of the worst possible secrets. When Helen her sister in law confronts Winnie telling her she just can't keep the secrets anymore, Winnie must come clean. Interestingly the person Winnie most wanted to protect from the truth was her own daughter Pearl, but Pearl has secrets of her own to reveal as well. After years of holding in the truth Winnie is forced to bear the complexity of remembering her past so that for the first time mother and daughter can understand each other as a whole.

Winnie’s secrets goes way back in the WWII in China where she belong in an upper class family, Winnie at a young age was force to live with her uncle and his 2 wives by her father who can’t bear to be reminded of Winnie’s mother leaving him and just disappears. Winnie grew-up with her cousin Peanut but as not as happy as she can be for she never felt she belong to a family. Peanut meets Wen Fu a charming and cunning man. First he courts Peanut but once he found out that Winnie is from a richer family than peanut he ask Winnie to marry her, Winnie accepts the proposal and went to her father to tell him about the marriage. Winnie was given a very high dowry. Not long after war starts and Wen Fu decides to join the military but uses his death brother’s name and credentials to be accepted. While at war Winnie meets Hulan who in the present changes her name to Helen. Winnie experience hardship and abuse in the hands of Wen fu but decided to endure because she though she needs to be a good wife. She in the process had lost many children due to many miscarriages; a stillborn baby, a daughter who died months after it was born and a son who died few a years later. Winnie meets Jimmy...
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