Mother Daughter Bonding

Topics: Short story, Family, Essay Pages: 4 (1440 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Mother-Daughter Bonding
The bond between a mother and her child is not like any other bond because they share a strong relationship even before the birth of the child. Therefore, the main topic of my suggested selections in this paper is the mother-daughter relationship. The child spends the first years of her life with her mother so all what she teaches her will affect her life and their future relationship. My first suggestion is a review essay titled "Mothers and Daughters” by Marianne Hirsh. It is a good introduction for my chapter because it explains the history of the mother-daughter bond. The second and third selections are short stories from the same book and written by the same author who is Gerd Fenchel and titled "Mary and Her Mother: The First Three Years." and "Laurie and Her Mother: The First Three Years.” From the titles we notice that both stories talk about the first three years of the child with her mother. Growing up from being a daughter to a mother has a big effect in the mother-daughter relationship, so I decided that my fourth suggestion would be "Transitions in the Mother-Daughter Relationship." by Lucy Rose Fischer because this article explains how the mother-daughter relationship change when the daughter become a mother and that they become more close to each other. The last article is “Building a Mother-Daughter Relationship” by Shannon Boone who explains to reasons behind the success of nowadays mother-daughter relationship and how they can improve it to become better. Marianne Hirch, while writing her review essay "Mothers and Daughters" refers to many sources and people that helped her to write the essay such as the Wellesley Center for Research on Women, member of the Dartmouth University Seminar on Feminist Inquiry and the Newberry Library feminist Criticism (200). At the beginning of the essay she shows the importance of this relationship through Adrienne Rich’s quote, "The cathexis between mother and daughter-essential,...
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