Mother Courage and Her Children Critique Paper

Topics: Thirty Years' War, War, Character Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Mother Courage and Her Children
At the end of Mother Courage and her children I thought that the play was interesting. This play made much more sense and was easier to follow compared to Serious Money. By the end of the play the theme, conflict, and characters were easily discernable. There were constant up and downs in emotion from the subtle humor to the scenes of the fate of Mother Courage’s children. In short the play was about a mother and her obsession to the spoils war cost her the lives of her children and the play was executed well.

The theme of the play was that obsession to material objects can cause the loss of people that matter. In Mother Courage’s case, her children literally died to her obsession with the spoils of war. Whenever Mother Courage was out to make more money one of her children would die. I believe that the theme is true. The more people value their material possessions the more people forget about other things such as family and friends. As people the more we try to obtain money and worldly goods, something has to be traded in return. Most of the time the objet that is traded for material goods is time spent with family and friends. In the end if worldly possessions are the goal of life it can make us alone in the world like Mother Courage was at the end of the play.

The Protagonist of the play was Mother courage. The story revolved around her life and how she valued getting rich off the war more than protecting her children. All her actions affect each of the lives of her children. Every time one of her children die it’s because of some profit she makes from the war. Her goal was to get rich by following the war. With the theme it makes sense since with each death of a child Mother Courage appears to be destroyed emotionally. However, her greed would take over and she would continue on to try and make more money off of the war. At the end Mother Courage had nothing left but her material goods. Even though she continues to...
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