Mother and Sol

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Whispers in the graveyard – by Teresa Breslin
Standard Task Feb 2012

‘Whispers in the graveyard’ by Teresa Breslin, is a mixed genre book. It is mainly real life drama, but there is also a bit of mystery and horror. It is set in modern day Scotland, and is written in the first person. The main character is Sol (short for Solomon). He has a hard life, as he struggles with dyslexia, and people do not understand his problem. Whispers in the graveyard is a story about a young boy, whos dad has a excessive drinking problem. At the start of the book Sol’s relationship with his dad is very wobbly. As the story develops it gets worse, but soon sorts itself out. Throughout the book Sol gets bullied by his teacher at school, so goes to the kirkyard to clear his head. Whilst at the kirkyard things start to get a little spooky, and soon get worse for Sol. He discovers that witchcraft was preformed in the kirkyard, and there was a curse on Professor Miller’s family, and his daughter, Amy, who was Sol’s new friend at the easier class at school. Soon things become very scary; missing people, curses, and some very close calls. At the start of the book, Sol and his father were getting on reasonably well, but with his dads drinking problem things soon got worse. By reading the text, we find out that Sol’s mother and father have split up, and Sol sometimes wishes he went with his mum. We know this because Sol says ‘maybe I should of gone with her. I wouldn’t be having so many days with bad colours now’. It suggests in the rest of the book that his mother left because of his dads drinking problem. I think Sol was very happy with his dad when they were watching a film together, and joking about toast. I know that Sol and his father were happy, because Sol states ‘I just looked over at dad and both of us laughed really loud. We watched the rest of the film together.’ The quote shows that Sol was happy with his father because...
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