Mother and Hello Claudia

Topics: Mother, Father, Question Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Claudia‘s story. Her parent always quarrelled. Claudia thought the argument were not serious, as they would normally together after every argument. After school, Claudia came home and found that all of dad’s thing gone CLAUDIA: What’s going on?

MUM : It’s that your father and I aren’t getting together for the moment, so he’s going to Granny house while we claim down Dad come back occasionally for tea, but that led to more argument. Late one night the phone rang. Mum found out a women name Linda and infuriated. Even granny is angry with Dad. Seldom came home anymore but he would call up Claudia. When Mum picked up the phone, she would hold the phone silently and Claudia knew it was dad called. Dad: Hello

Claudia: Hello
Dad: Want to come over on Saturday.
Claudia: If you like
Dad: No. If you’d like
Claudia: All right then
Mum is busy doing other thing and pretended not to hear the conversation .Claudia was not keen to visit Dad. One day while Claudia was eating pizza with mum, she remembered how dad used to pick out the mushroom from his pizza and gave them to her. She started to cry as she missed dad so much. Mum: Oh, please don’t start I can’t bear it

Claudia threw her pizza away as she was disappointed. She ran up to her room and locked herself in the room. Claudia was crying in her room and mum cry outside. It was the first time Claudia have separate Christmas with mum on Christmas day. And went to granny‘s house on boxing day. It was that night. Claudia met Stella for the first time. Claudia found Stella to plain and mousy looking. Claudia thought mum was better-looking. Stella came over, smiled, friendly and said hello to Claudia. She asked Claudia how was her Christmas Dad: Were you going anywhere special? Come for a walk with us

Claudia then realized that dad had fixed the meeting up. She felt annoyed and dad not say much. Stella kept on asking question and Claudia just answered Yes and No. Eventually,...
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