Mother and Ashes Dad

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: February 10, 2013
By: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Reading Journal By: Samira Hasan

The story is about Ashleigh (or Ashes as her dad calls her) Ashleighs dad and her mom. Ashes parents is very different from each other.
Her dad is a very simple man who is unemployed, poor, and a huge dreamer. He makes false promises and tries to make people around him happy with false statements. Her mom on the other hand is the straight opposite to the dad. She is straight as a yardstick, and certainly not a dreamer. I would call her a realist. She never promises Ashes anything that she knows that she can't keep. She used to be a dreamer, but then she married Ashes dad and she stopped dreaming and believing. The short story describes Ashes and her dads relationship toward each other in a special and beautiful way, but to the end i started to understand that the relationship wasn't that beautiful. It was kind of fake from the dads side, and his intention made me feel like he was using his daughter for his own selfish purpose. I'm not questioning if he love her or not, but making his little daughter do something as stupid as that made me kind of question how some adults/parents think when they do that. His kindness was similar to brainwashing and he absolutely takes advantage of her respect trust and love that she has for him.

I can relate to Ashes dad. My dad is similar to Ashes dad. Not when it comes to the extreme dreamer part or that he is a hypocrite and poor, but when it comes to keeping his word or when he hands me empty promises. He has been like that since I was small. It could be all from to buy me something or take me somewhere. It could be promises about going somewhere and he talks about it and puts my hopes up, but the next day he forgot about it or he said he would do it. It never happened. My mom is like Ashes mom. She never lets me down, and she never ever hands me promises that she can't keep and always keeps her word. The only difference is that they're still...
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