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Selling The Wheel MarketingStrategy_______________________________________________  This is the story about who invented wheel and how they marketed that successfully. Here MAX  is the inventor of the wheel. But the thought of inventing the wheel struck him from a problem when he saw that some sweaty workers were cutting big heavy stones with hammers and chisels and then were dragging the huge stones in a place very slowly. He first identified the problem, he thought pyramid could be completed faster than that pace with newer technology. Observing this problem, he made a solution that was the ‘Wheel’. That could make mankind’s life easier and faster. They made the Wheel only for sale. That could make money for MAX  & MINNIE. However, there was a problem and that was nobody even knew who were their customers. For that trying to find out their customers, they rolled those wheels  to their neighbors like as a promotional approach of  Wheel . But that strategy was not effective to attract their neighbors as potential customers because they did not even know anything about marketing. Then they went to have some suggestions from Oracle for the success. The Oracle suggested to find out some Bedrock Questions answer. Those are.

•Who are our customer?
•Who are our competitors?
•Why do customers want what we are selling?
•What would make them prefer to buy from us?
•Why might they prefer to buy from our competitors?
•What added values do our salesperson have to offer to make sales increased?  Then they tried to find out the answers of all these questions. They segmented the market such as farmer class, caravan class but their pricing was not very well. This was because customers thought it was charging more than its functionality or to put it another way, the price was not worth the service. For starting the business they made a unit to oversee financial issues and also appointed salesperson in order to make a store whose name was Max’s Wheel ....
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