Mother's Kindness

Topics: Father, Mother, Family Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Parents always want what is best for their children, regardless of culture or ethnicity. In The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan, and in "Life With Father" by Itabari Njeri, the parents express their parental methods upon their daughters. Children will all react differently to their parent's methods, as do Waverly, June, and Itabari, but they still share a common resentment for their parents. It is shown in the two stories how parental methods expressed to children can be misinterpreted, thus influencing the child's behavior.

June's mother wants her to become a successful piano player. The problem with this is that June possesses no talent or determination to do so, so she doesn't practice. Her mother cleans an old deaf piano teacher's apartment in exchange for June to be taught piano, but the teacher can't correct June when she makes a mistake, because he cannot

hear. June's mother encouraged her to practice and would always brag about how good she was to everyone. June's mother enjoyed having pride in her daughter, as she thought her daughter was a...

... middle of paper ... scenarios in different ways, but the parent's methods for showing love and hope was mistaken in a negative sense in each case. June, Waverly, and Itabari's parent's influences upon each of them has shaped their personalities and ideals from how they behave and the culture they engage in all the way to how they act to each other. In the end, there is no fault or blame to be pointed out, as we all learn as we grow. Wisdom can be passed from the parent to the child, as well as vice versa, but it often not always understood or seen clearly.
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