Most Wanted by Amanda Coe: An Analysis

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  • Published : September 4, 2012
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The short story ”Most Wanted” is written by Amanda Coe and was first published in 2000. This short story deals with different modern problems, such as parents failing to give their children enough attention, parents that have different ways of handling situations and jealousy between siblings. In “Most Wanted” these problems ultimately culminate in splitting the family.

The short story takes place around “Milbank”, as we are told that the children belong with their junior library.

The family consists of 4 people. The mom, the dad, the youngest 8 year old daughter, Michelle, and the narrator, whom one can only guess is a boy or girl, even though “she” is probably a girl. We are told that the narrator has had a dollhouse, which indicates the narrator being a girl, or at least a girly boy. The narrator is 1st person character bound. The narrator is 14 years old and have a best friend called Gary, who she are together with almost everyday. They discuss sex and masturbation, which gives us the clue that they are very close friends. The friendship disrupts though, when Gary tries to kiss the narrator who backs away, as she only sees Gary as a friend. Gary gets over this pretty quickly, but she gets sad, as he was her best friend and she does not know what to do about their situation. The narrator is very jealous of all the attention that Michelle is getting, and therefore she accuses Michelle for being the reason why their parents are getting divorced As for Michelle, she is a girl that lacks the attention an 8-year-old girl need from its parents. She has recently got more attention from her dad, because of stealing various things. Michelle, suffering the shortage of attention and recently discovering this source of attention, continues to steal and the family suffers from it.

The different ways the parents’ deals with this “thief” situation furthermore turns out to be a bomb under the family foundation. The dad slaps Michelle to show her his anger and...
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