Most Violated School Policies

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"The formation of character is one of the most important features of the educational system at the University of Baguio. For this reason, the imposed discipline, while observant to the rights and feelings of others, is firm, especially when the reputation of the student body and institution is at stake. Students are expected to manifest both within and outside the University, the respect for order, morality, personal honor, and rights of others, which is required of God-fearing men and women." (UB student handbook, Article XIV: 2010 Edition)

Schools have policies that are being implemented for the general welfare of its constituents. These policies provide a set of rules that the students, teachers, etc. should follow. These rules are necessary for the order and uniformity of the students within the school premises. Even with the presence of these rules, some of the students violate them disregarding the sanctions that go along with it. The word policy originated from the Latin word politia or polity. Defined as a definite course of action adopted for the sake of expediency, facility, etc.; an action or procedure conforming to or considered with reference to prudence or expediency. (

Educational policies are significant because these are rules that are used in schools to discipline students. These rules determine how effective and efficient the school is in managing students and personnel. The policies have great influence in the quality of education in an area. Educational policies are important because effective policies can help students in school on their day to day activity. For a policy to become effective, it must have a well-pronounced outcome, assumptions should be clear and explicit, linkage to organizational direction must be present, due process in the development has to be observed, the priority should be on the public interest, expectations have to be made, the policy must be both efficient and effective, results should be stated in measurable terms, evaluation of results should be capable, funding and allocation of resources must be appropriate, accountability should not be vague, it should be lawful and administered, it must be based from history, ideas have to be verified before implementation, and the policy results should be well stated. (

One of the factors why students violate school policies can be explained through their different behaviours. Behaviour is the manner of behaving or conducting oneself; the aggregate of all the responses made by an organism in any situation. ( Based on Operant Conditioning of B.F. Skinner “All behaviour caused by external stimuli and all behaviour can be explained without the need to consider internal mental states or consciousness.” It means that the actions done by students are responses to its environment. ( Another type of behaviourism is Radical Behaviourism which is the connection to role of emotions and the major differences in the acceptance of mediating structures and etc. In order to resolve this problem the group found out that the best solution is the use of Biometric identification systems which can be grouped based on the main physical characteristic that lends itself to biometric identification. There are different kinds of biometric system in which the fingerprint biometrics is the commonly used one. There are also other biometric identification systems such as the hand geometry, palm vein authentication, retina scan, iris scan, face recognition, signature, and voice analysis. There are biometric systems that are composed of more than two physical characteristics to be identified.

Statement of the Problem
1) What are the reasons why these students violate such policies? 2) What are the most common policies that are...
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