Most People Have Gown Up with Stereotyping

Topics: Marriage, Bend It Like Beckham, Islam Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Most people have grown up in one way or another with stereotyping about males and females, especially in today’s films. The two films chosen “Bend It like Beckham” and “Not without My Daughter” demonstrates how two protagonists rebel against the gender stereotypes suggested by society. Protagonist Jesminda Bharma “Bend it like Beckham” is an 18 year old independent Indian woman who discovers the joy of football (soccer) against her parents approval. Protagonist Betty “Not without My Daughter” is a middle aged American woman who disobeys her Iranian husband.

Jesminda is growing up in West London where she is living with her sister and parents who follow Orthodox Sikh beliefs. They believe in the importance of cultural traditions such as ritual cuisine and dress and that their culture is better than western culture. Betty has grown up in America, and is married to an Iranian born Doctor, who, while living in America, did not practice his Islamic beliefs. Her husband (Moody) decides to take his family on a two week trip to Iran to visit relatives and told Betty that they would be safe and would return to America. Upon their arrival in Iran Betty’s husband finds it is different to the one he left. He now has a chance to resume his old Muslim beliefs and treating Betty as an Iranian woman and not American. Mrs Bharma catches Jesminda wearing a pair of shorts while playing soccer in the local park. According to her mum showing her legs to boys is not allowed so Mr and Mrs Bharma tell Jesminda that she is not to play soccer for the above reason and that they believe soccer is a male dominated sport. Jesminda and her sister have adapted to western culture more than their parents as Mr and Mrs Bharma still wear traditional Indian clothes whereas as the girls who are not so traditional wear more modern western clothes. Jesminda believes playing soccer is normal and not a male dominated sport. However Jesminda’s mother believes that instead of playing...
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