Most Memorable Meal

Topics: Food, Family, Eating Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: December 19, 2012
When I am asked to think back on my most memorable meal, it is very enjoyable to recall. It was on San Isidro-Lima at Let Bistrot de Mes Fils restaurant. I was celebrating my 18th birthday with my parents and my little sister. This memorable meal was the fanciest meal I have ever eaten, but it was the most pleasant for another reasons. First, my father asked me where I wanted to go for dinner and I wasn’t sure about it so he decided to surprise me. Then we set foot in the restaurant, I felt dazzled since the decoration was beautiful, luxurious and was the proper place to celebrate my birthday. Second, I sat down in the table that my father had reserved for us and the waiter approached me and said. “So you are the birthday girl tonight”. I just smiled and laughed. At that moment, I felt like a princess because everything was perfect and suitable.Afeter that, I ordered a shrimp strudel, my father ordered it, too. The waiters didn’t take too much time to bring us the food and while the waiter started to put the dishes on the table he started to describe each dish. They were decorated with vegetables and souce that slowly fell down around the shrimp’s strudel. The dishes were inextricably linked to French food, I could smell every ingredient and it was so delicious. Before having such a meal, my mother asked me if I wanted to eat a dessert and I said “of course mother”. The waiter brought a dessert called Tiramisu. He insisted me on taste it and it was evident that all the people around enjoyed this dessert. I had eaten so much that literally I couldn’t eat another bite. Finally, my father took a lot of pictures and we were sharing many anecdotes and that caused us to think back on how it is so pleasurable to be together as a happy family. And I love enjoying all these moments with them and my little sister. Also I learn to love them more.
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