Most Influences U.S Foreign Policy in the World Today

Topics: Iraq War, Israel, Middle East Pages: 4 (1465 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Perhaps one of the most influential governmental influences on U.S foreign policy today is the relations between the United States and the Middle East today. The contradictions which arise in the relationship between the two can be paralleled with the relations that Europe had during WWI. The fate of the policies is strayed because of the constantly changing tensions and events that occur between the two. Looking at Europe who sought to make ties with their oppositions in Germany, one can see the strain that can still be felt today in this century. Taking this into account, one can look at some of the policies which were made, are in action and affect both nations today in terms of how they deal with each other, and other nations in the future. In a violation of their promise to give the Arabs their national independence the British Correspondence is now more controversial, although in the latter years MacMahon said that Palestine was in no mention during the correspondence. With this continual struggle the immigration of the Jewish into Palestine has also been seen as something controversial as to how much inclusion the United States should have in the matter. This apprehension also drove a design for the policies that would limit Jewish immigration into Palestine and in bargain for this there were thousands of volunteers from Palestine that stepped into serve in the British army. However, there was still a maintained opposition against the British government in their attacks against the government which caused serious problems in the ending of WWII. Though the United States was in part apparent during these happenings they really had a jump in when “on November 2, an emergency session of the General Assembly, the United States took a leading role in calling for a cessation of the fighting and the immediate withdrawal of the Anglo-French-Israeli forces from Egypt” (324). The United States was also joined by the Soviet Union in the duration of this...
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