Most Important Qualities for a Best City

Topics: Hong Kong, Civilization, Health care Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Nowadays, Hong Kong becomes a knowledge-based economy and with the advance of technology, living standard of Hong Kong citizens has been boosted as well. But what is the most important thing for a society? There are some international newspaper which rank world cities based in their qualities in different aspects. Now, I would like to rank three qualities which I suppose that are most important. Some of my opinions will be demonstrated below in front of you.

To begin with, I believe affordable medical care is the most significant quality. As we all know, we can do nothing with a unhealthy body. It is important that we have to work, study, and even live everyday with a healthy body. With an affordable medical care, citizens can be cured no matter they are wealth or poor. If they are healthy, students' learning ability and labour supply will be increased. Advance of society will arise as a result.

As for the second most important quality, I will choose a fair legal system. In every country, there are numerous criminals who jeopardize the lives and properties of citizens. Hence, it is essential to have a fair legal system so as to protect citizens'lives and their properties. Another thing we cannot afford to ignore - no matter who commit crimes, he must be judged and punished, even he is the Chief Executive. Nobody can avoid being punished after he commits crimes since we cannot condone any criminals.

When to comes to the third one, good education should be an appropriate choice. The aim of education is to cultivate the future leader of the society. Thus, society cannot be advanced with the absence of good education. In school, students not only learn knowledge from textbooks, but also can be excavated their talent by their teachers, such as leading, sport, art and music etc. Moreover students can have all-rounded development including moral, physical, academic and psychological. It might also be noted that they can make friends in school so they can...
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