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HPI (history of present illness) ALL CASES: OPD CSF AAA PAIN: OPD CSF LIQR AAA OPD CSF ABCDO FLUIDS: (Vomiting, Diarrhea, constipation, cough, vaginal discharge) O Onset of the symptom + precipitating factors P Progression D Duration C Constant /Intermittent S Settings F Frequency L Location of the symptom (forehead, wrist...) I Intensity of the symptom (scale 1-10, 6/10) Q Quality of symptom..BCDSPP(burning,Cramping,dull,Sharp,pulsating,pressure like) R Radiation of the symptom ( to left shoulder and arm) A Associated symptoms ( palpitations, shortness of breath) A Alleviating factors (sitting with my chest on my knees) A Aggravating factors (effort, smoking, large meals) A Amount B Blood C Color C Consistency C Content D Duration O Odor UG Hx: OPD-CSF-AAA + FINISH PUBC

F Frequency (How frequent do u have to pass urine?) I Incontinence (Do u have trouble holding Ux until u get to BR?) N Nocturia ( do u have 2 wake up @ Night to go to BR?) I Incomplete emptying (do u feel fullness even after Ux) S Stream (How is ur flow of urine? is it cont. or is there any dribbling after Ux?) Strain (Do u have to strain during Ux) Stone (have u passed stones in the past?) H Hematuria (did u notice any blood), Hesitancy (do u have 2 wait b4 starting Ux) P Pyuria (was there any pus in ur Ux?) U Urgency (do u have 2 rush to BR to Ux?) B Burning (dysuria) (does it burn) C COLOR


PMH (past medical history)


P Previous presence of the symptom (same CC), Past Medical problems (↑BP, ↑BS,U , idney prob., Rhinitis,Sinusitis, sthma,) A Allergies (drugs, foods, chemicals, dust ...) M Medicines (R U taking any prescription medications/any over-the-counter med.), H Hospitalization for any illness in the past (Trauma, surgery) U Urinary changes ( esp if diabetic, elderly...) G Gastrointestinal complains (diet changes, bowel movements...) S Sleep pattern(difficulties falling/maintain asleep,wake up,snoring,med. to help sleep, how many hour, nightmares) F Family history (similar chief complaints/serious illness)/ Fevers, Chills/ Fatigue O OB/GYN history (LMP, abortions, para...) LMP RTV CS PAP S Sexual habits (active/preferences/STD/no. of partners/contraception/pregnancy/ last pap smear) Q 1. "Mr. John, Are you Sexually Active?" Q 2. "How Many Partners are you active with?" Q 3. "Are your partners male or female or both?" [Unless the SP says wife or husband in Q 2] Q 4. "Do you use protection during intercourse?" Q 5. If yes in Q. 4 "What kind of protection do you use?" Q 6. Ask about anal intercourse in male homosexuals Q 7. h/o STD's; Rx for STD's

S Social Hx (job/house/smoking/alcohol/recreational drugs/.....) WAD SAD TOES Social Hx WAD SAD TOES

W Weight A Appetite D Diet S Smoke (cigarettes, marijuana, how much, how many years) A Alcohol (what type of alcohol, how often, how much ,consider doing CAGE question.) D recreational Drugs (what drug, how do you use it, any IV drug use?) T Travel /Trauma O Occupation (what do you do for living?) E Exercise S Stress HEADACHE OPD CSF LIQRAA + DIAGRAM Head trauma/Seizure/Weak,Numb Tears / visual changes Flu Vomit/ Speech Neck stiffness


Ped Hx (Child with fever)


C Colds-runny nose,cough,chest pain, fast respirations,SOB-CRY“how is ‘cry of ‘baby?” U Urination-increased or decreased urination, # of diapers, any odour, colour of urine Ulcers in mouth B Bowel changes: Diarrhea-frequency, onset, mucus/pus/blood in stool, any crying during defecation Discharge Q’s (ABCD-O: Amount, Blood, Content, Consistency, Color, Constant/Intermittent, Duration, Odor/Onset) F Fever & chills E Ear pulling V Vomiting E Ear/eye discharge, Ear hearing, Eye vision R Rash S Seizure-any jerky movements, which part of body? Any leakage of urine or stool during fits, and postictal irritability or loss of consciousness. Stress (bet wet, DM) P Past medical/Past surgical Hx /...
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