Most Important Invention

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Most important Invention: The Computer
When we think about technology mostly the first thing that comes to my mind is the image of a computer. Technological advancements such as computer have been designed to help humans and make the lives easy. In fact, computer is the Most important Invention because they can display and let you manipulate save information, and it is used in almost all fields . First of all computer have multi-tasking features that can minimize the work you have to do. The cheapest computer has at least the basic tasks such as mathematic that help you when you need to doing something in short time . For example, the only thing you must do is to type the information needed and it’s done. Secondly, computer can display and let you manipulate save information. You don’t need to use paper to save any information on shelves . You can have as many files as you can in a computer and organize them the way you like it without having to use any space. Finally, computer is used in almost all fields such as education, and any type of job. For example, you can use computers to play videogames, watch movies, listen to music and chat on the internet. So, computer is the most important Invention because you done the work in short time consumption on the activities, you can save the information and edit it anytime, and they let you do almost anything you need. Computer is tool of communication, and tool of education that can save money and time . You can have all the information in one place and dispose of it at the moment you need.
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