Most Helpful and Destructive Technology Invented

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Asia Joseph Dr. Sapp 02/20/13 ENGL 0325 Most Helpful and Destructive Technology Invented The most helpful and destructive technology invented is a smart phone. A smart phone can be helpful in our daily lives, but also can lead us down the path of destruction…… One major way for purchasing a smart phone is the convenience. You don’t have to worry about trying to find a local business to use their phone, or wasting money constantly on a payphone. Secondly, you can be on the go away from your computer and still receive email, check bank statements, and pay bills just from your smart phone. Also, keeping up with your friends or social network with the convenience of texting and the built in Internet connection. You would still be able to keep up with your appointments and schedule using the calendar function stored on the smart phone. Just everything you need is to keep your busy day calm is at your fingertips. Now, when it comes to destruction and smartphones; that’s a whole different story. Like, I said in the beginning of my argument thesis: A smart phone CAN be helpful in our daily lives, BUT also can lead us down the path of destruction. Just might I add, this is very true? Smart phones can be very dangerous and can result in death. The government says that 3,092 people died last year in "distraction-affected" crashes, a newly refined measurement meant to tally the effect of texting, phoning or simply answering a call while driving; that is a lot. Accidents and injuries occur because of distractions, which can be totally prevented from the get go. Innocent people die behind the wheel just because a smart phone, that’s just ridiculous. So, all I say is this resist the urge to check your smartphone the second it sounds, and when you do check, do so responsibly and...
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