Most Gun Control Laws Are Ineffective

Topics: Crime, Robbery, Theft Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Most Gun Control Laws Are Ineffective

* Most serious firearm problem today is gun crime.
* Alcohol consumption and drinking should be approached with the same mindset as the use of guns. * Breaking gun crime into several broad categories:
-Helps us to think about:
* The extent to which the availability of guns causes crime. * The potential and limits of various gun controls.

1. Gun crime committed by career offender
* Career offenders like professional bank robbers, the Mafia, drug distribution networks and street gangs. * “No gun control policy could succeed in denying the members of these groups access to firearms.” 2. “Disorganized” gun crime

* Typical gun crimes like carjacking, armed robberies of stores, gas stations, and pedestrians, carried out by individuals or in groups. * Often young, poor, and heavily involved with drugs.

* If the price of firearms increased, poor young offenders would not be able to afford the gun, but poor people that need one for safety wouldn’t be able to afford one either. 3. Gun crimes committed by friends, spouses, and lovers against one another * Frequently exaggerated.

* Hardly captured.
* Solution: Men with domestic violence convictions or restraining orders ought to be prevented from purchasing and posses firearms. 4. Rampages
* Usually develop their plans over many months and probably hoping for their own death. * To prevent such tragedies, arm security personnel and also arm few teachers. 5. Background checks and Patience

* Waiting period can prevent a murder.
6. Tough treatment for Gun offenders
* Easiest firearm policy in the United States.
* Offenders using guns should be put to jail without probation and qualification for early release from the prison. 7. Access to firearms being prevented
* Most unrealistic control policy for the United States.
* Needs one more here.
8. Optimism opinions
* In the United...
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