Most Famous Tragedies: The Titanic

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Specific Purpose - To inform the class about one of the most famous tragedies, the Titanic. Thesis – From disaster to movie, the sinking of the titanic will remain in history forever.

The Titanic
I. Introduction
Attention Grabber: a story
Key Ideas: First, I will discuss the Titanic itself.
Second, I will discuss the sinking of the ship.
Finally, I will discuss the movie that was made about the Titanic.

II. Body
A. The Titanic was thought to be the largest and safest ship ever built

1. At the time of her launch, the Titanic was the biggest existing ship and the largest moveable object ever built. a. The titanic was 882 ft long and weighed 46,000 tons
b. There were 860 crewmembers and 2,500 passengers
c. It cost 7.5 million dollars to build

2. The Titanic was believed to be the safest ship ever built a. The hull of the ship was a 1 inch thick plate steel held together with over 3 million steel rivets. b. 15 watertight bulkheads, each sealed by electric powered doors, also equipped with electric water sensors controlled by switches on the bridge. In the event electricity failed, the doors could be closed manually. c. Because of these safety features the Titanic was deemed unsinkable. TRANSITION: Now that I’ve discussed the Titanic itself, I will now discuss the tragedy that occurred on its maiden voyage. B. The Titanic hit disaster when it struck an iceberg just four days after its maiden voyage 1. The beginning of the voyage

a. The ship departed from Queesntown in Ireland and was headed towards New York. 2. The journey took a turn for the worst when it struck an iceberg a. The iceberg hit the Titanic on the evening of April 14th (my birthday) at 11:40pm b. Only 10 minutes after the impact the first 5 watertight compartments are completely flooded. c. The Carpathia picks up the Titanic’s distress calls around 12:25am and begins its 58mi journey. 3. Life boats...
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