Most Exciting Time in My Life

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most exciting time in my life

It was August of 2007 and it was the most exciting time in my life. And I’m saying this taking into consideration that I had been in a car accident six months earlier, it caused me physical disabilities but my will was stronger than ever. I was about to enter college with an intent to change my career choice; and for the first time ever I was hopeful about my future.  As soon as I was done with registration and found my way out of the financial aid office, I was referred to Student Support Services. They offered me free tutoring, test-taking alternatives, note-takers and advisors.  I was also offered help with transportation because of my disability, free bus and train transfers, doctor referrals and disability advocates.  At first, I have to say I felt as if this was a bit excessive. However, by the end of my second year I have used all of these services, but most of all  tutoring. I struggled with the math assessment exit exam my first semester after finishing a remedial math class.  I failed and was on the edge of really giving up on college altogether.  I was frustrated about failing yet, more than that, I was dealing with my ego and with feeling of not fitting in.  In high school, math had never been my strong point ,except, I was more focused as an university student. Nevertheless, it felt as if I could not prove this, because I did not pass my exit exam.  I had advisors that offered me support through affirmation and an open-door policy to their office, it is because of their support I was persistent with my goals.  I was offered two options:  to register for a refresher course or register for the remedial course again and try to finding out where I went wrong.  Sean, my advisor from Student Support Services, suggested the refresher course since I had done so well in the class itself.  The refresher course was during winter break, even thou I registered for it and the exam again I did not have my hopes up.   I was relieved...
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