Most Eventful Memory

Topics: New Year's Day, New Year, Family Pages: 4 (705 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Out of a billion memories that we have, can you pick just one that had to be

one of the best times ever? For me it would have to be New Years Eve. New

Years Eve 2010 happened to be one of the best nights I've ever had because of the

people I was with, the food we ate and the music we listened to.

To begin with, as we all got dressed and gathered our things to head out the

door all I could think about was who I was going to see at the party. Their was going to

be family attending that I hadn't seen in years. I was so happy to reunite with them that

I was in the car watching the time and waiting, for what felt like hours, to get there. As

soon as we arrived I had butterflies in my stomach which seemed to not want to go

away. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were beyond relieved that we had

made it there safely. We all rushed to each other with open arms ready to grasp each

other and never let go. We all seemed like crazy people hugging, laughing, and having a

great time. My family that night was so happy to be together that nothing but smiles

filled our faces. We were all smiling ear to ear snapping photos, and karaoking across

the stage together. From time to time tears of joy filled our eyes because we have been

together through the good and bad times. Being there with them was like drinking hot

chocolate and getting that warm feeling of greatness in my stomach.

In addition to my family, came the amazingly irrisistable food. I could smell

the yellow rice simmering together with pieces of tomatoes and spices. Setting up the

table was always the oldest grandchildren's role. That in which included me, having to

place the table cloth over the table with a white glass plate along with a fork on the left

side and a spoon and knife on the right. Over the years we've gotten in the habit of

sitting the children on every other seat in between an adult, it was just to avoid...
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