Most Difficult Thing I Ever Learned to Do

Topics: United States, Psychology, Culture Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: October 22, 2012
"the most difficult thing I ever learned to do" Most pepole have learned many things to do and some of the learning is the hardest of the others . For me ,The most difficult thing I ever learned to do in is how to live as an immigrant .

Most of all,The lack of English proficiency was a barrier to a better life.When I came to the United States ,I couldn't find any word to express my self in English.Learning english was not easy for me especially when you want to learn academic English as

third language .However ,my friends said "If you do feel that English is not easy don't worry you are not the only one ".I know that who I am not the only onehas this problem.I don't give up, I'll try to do my best as good as possible.

The second reason why moving to the United States was so hard to me,living to a different country has opened my eyes to many cultural differences. I was not sure If american society would accept me or if any one could ever talk to me.Iran has a very different cultural background in the ways of seeing things,traditions,and interpreting the world . I often felt torn between the U.S. culture and culture of mine.It took time to overcome these problems and communicate effectively across cultures.

Another reason ,Since I lived with my parents I had never experience living alone .As an independent person , I have a lot of things to handle them such as working and money mangment .I can't imagine how could I organize all of these by myself .Probably, living independently can brings to be more responsiblility,but for me it was one of the hardest things I hade to leran in the U.S.

The Last reason things were difficult for me , I had to control my emotions .When I migrated to another country ,I began a new life without support and attention of my family .I became far away from...
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