Most Dangerous Game, and the Birds

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Jake Denney
Honors 9a
Mrs. Plato
The Birds and the Most Dangerous Game
The Birds and The Most Dangerous Game are two very extraordinary short stories. The Most Dangerous Game is about a hunting trip to Rio that turns out for the worst. Rainsford the main character falling aboard a ship, into a competition of a lifetime when Rainsford must the most severe mental and physical struggles or face death. The Birds is about a family living in a small town in England that has to take measures into their own hands when thousands of dysfunctional birds start attacking them and their town leaving them in a complete panic of life or death. The setting and how the chracters change to the challenges that are presented to them is what this essay will explain to you. The setting in The Birds is a small English town in late autumn, “The birds had been more restless this Fall of the year”(Maurier 52). The birds had been more alert and they were acting strange. The season of the year was fall showing that it was colder because of where they lived. Next The Most Dangerous Game the setting in this short story is very similar it is on a small island called “Ship Trap Island” in the middle of autumn. “It’s so dark,” He thought, “So dark that I could sleep with my eyes open; the night would be my eyelids” (Connell 15). Being that it is so dark lots of things could be more dangerous. Saying that you could sleep with your eyes closed shows that it is a very dark night. The settings in The Birds and The Most Dangerous Game are very similar. Both of these short stories are in autumn and they both have very dark nights. In addition to the setting the characters are changed by the challenges that are presented to them. Such as in The Birds when all the demented birds started attacking Nats town he had to change his everyday life instead of going outside when he pleased Nat had to go outside when the birds were not there. “The birds sought sea food and the buoyancy of the tide”...