Most Dangerous Game

Topics: The Most Dangerous Game, Hunting, Human hunting Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: October 14, 2010
“Most Dangerous Game”
“Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Cornell is a story about two hunters. The two man characters share hunting interests but that’s were the similarities end when one of them takes this person too far. Rainsford is a very good hunter while General Zaroff is a cheater. Rainsford is a very extraordinary man but when put into a situation he over comes all problems. He uses his skills in hunting and diverse traps to kill Zaroff .

Rainsford is an extraordinary person, but when put into a dangerous situation he shows courage and wit that saves his life. For example, Rainsford stood up to the General. He is bold and brave he must be in disbelief. Also, Rainsford out smarts General Zaroff by making many traps. Rainsford is a genius for making the traps. He is strong and clever while evading death. Lastly, Rainsford wins the game and sleeps on the bed. Rainsford is a brave man.

General Zaroff is a very evil man with great intelligence, but his in humane pastimes are beyond Rainsfords wildest imagination. For example, he lives on alone on a mysterious, deserted island and he hunts humans like as if they were prey. General Zaroff is creepy and insane. He is weird and has a bad habit of hunting humans. In addition, he gets bored of hunting animals thinks that they are very intelligent. The challenge of hunting animals is no longer there. He is a good enough hunter that’s why he hunts humans. Furthermore, General Zaroff is a very skilled swords man and hunter but he does not use them properly. General Zaroff is very abnormal and deserves to die. General Zaroff finally knows how it feels to be defeated. The General has taken a lot of blows from Rainsford but in the end its all over.

Rainsford and General Zaroff are both very good hunters but that’s were the similarities stop. General Zaroff also hunts humans and will never understand why Rainsford hunts animals. The terror finally ends on ship trap island when Zaroff and Rainsford fight to the...
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