Most Beautiful Places in World, Description

Topics: Social network service, Trouble, User profile Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: May 20, 2012
These days social networking sites become extremely popular among various aged people. Social networking sites have been used since 1994-1995 but already many people could not live without them. Of course, these sites have a lot of benefits and scientists talk that social networking sites' popularity will grow much more, but without these pluses there are disadvantages, that can cause problems. However, everything has a positive and negative side and we have to take a look at both. There are several arguments in favour of social networking sites. The first advantage is your own profile . You can post your photos, share music and videos, make arrangements, discuss on different topics and so much more. That helps you to understand yourself better. By that, you can also make new contacts, friends, by having the same taste in music or art like them, having a talk in forum. What is more, social networking webpages are helpful to stay in touch with people who you might otherwise lose conatct with, for example, old friends, relatives or friends that live abroad. You can also find a dating partner and go on a blind date. Besides this, you can use social sites as a medium to raise their visibility, get noticed, tell about their company, service, and get more clients. On other hand, indiscreet gossip or photos in social networking sites can cause a lot of trouble. Secondly, it can be unsafe and unsecure. Because of this, your account might be hacked, your computer can have cookies, viruses and so on. For unsafety by adding people you can have troubles too. By accident you can add a criminal, your enemy or even your future boss, who wants to check your profile to be sure that you are appropiate. Besides this, checking social networking pages might be waste of time and it can become addictive. Taking everything into account, there are strong arguments on both sides of the debate. However, I strongly believe that social networking sites can't be harmful or useless if you...
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