Moses, Jesus and Muhammad

Topics: Islam, Moses, Muhammad Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad are today considered as three of the greatest prophets in the world. They portrayed themselves as religious figures as well as the messengers of god. There teachings are believed by many people and they have many followers. While Moses and Muhammad are projected as the prophets, Jesus is considered to be the son of god. They established a monotheistic belief and believed that they were the only god and there is only one god to follow. It was thought that both Jesus and Muhammad were the messengers from god carrying the same message. However, people believed in the experience and the influence of each, which led to the formation of two different religions. While Moses was called the founder of the religion of Israel. Moses became the leader of the Israelites after leading them out of slavery from Egypt. He was believed as the “servant of god” by his followers. While leading them out of Egypt on the way to Mount Sinai, Moses was given a set of rules by god, called The Ten Commandments to give to his people. The Ten Commandments stated the 10 rules that would guide people to be good. The rules included something like one most not steal, lie, commit adultery or do anything that would harm others. The meaning of the Ten Commandments was to spread love among people and lead them to live their life in a correct way. Moses was appointed as a prophet by god. There were three incidents that are mentioned in Torah that led god appoint Moses as a prophet. As a young kid, Moses sees an Egyptian man beating up a Jewish slave, who led him to kill the Egyptian and the next day he is trying to make peace between the two Hebrews. These were the three qualifications in god’s eye which made him appoint him as a prophet. Jesus was believed as a son of the god by many people. His teachings showed people how to be a good person in their life; he showed people how they should love each other and should have no hatred among them; how they should respect and...
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