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By | April 2000
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The Emergence of Capitalist Economy in Russia Noen H. Loquiño I.Introduction: A Newfound Freedom II.The Beginnings of Socialism A.Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto B.The Theory of Socialism C.The Dual Revolution in Russia III.History of the Soviet Union A.The Early Years B.Stalin's Reformation C.World War II D.The Soviet Union's Postbellum Period E.The Cold War IV.The Fall of Communism A.Gorbachev's Visions B.The Reunification of Germany C.Freedom for the Republics V.An Economy In Transition A.A Newborn Economy B.Five Years' Progress VI.Solutions for the Future A.Western Intervention B.Yeltsin's Re-election and Future Reform VII.Conclusion: Return to Glory Bibliography I. Introduction: A Newfound Freedom Imagine you are a high school student just about to graduate. You are about to leave your parents, who have directed your actions for your entire life. However, you have never had to make your own decisions, and are having trouble handling your new situation. Now imagine that on a larger scale. An entire nation released from the control of its "parents" with no idea how to use its newfound freedom. The Russian Federation is only a shell of its former glory as the U.S.S.R. because it had to withstand just such a change. The "high school student", a socialist market in which the government makes all the rules, recently was overhauled. The new economic condition in Russia is a free market. However, the people had no experience in handling the independence that they acquired as the capitalist market was established. It had been a long hard journey to get where they were, and now a longer, harder journey is beginning - the journey into capitalism. II. The Beginnings of Socialism Russia did not exist as a nation just seven years ago. It was formed from the ruins of a greater nation. Russia's current troubles are based on problems it found, or created, during the years it operated under socialism. This theory, which proposes equality and the means of achieving it,...

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