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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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In my youth I was a wild child. I say wild child because I was careless and lacked respect for rules as well as authority. My wild characteristic carried into my first year of college at Bloomfield College, New Jersey. Now as a freshman one would care about one’s grades and college career, however I didn't truly care. My care was more focused on the moments in life that we will never get back and the concept of owning up to one’s actions if they endanger another individual. My friend Robert from Long Island, New York, had an entertaining proposition for me that he vowed would be most memorable. This proposition was that we take a road trip to West Virginia to visit some friends that he had down there. Later I had found out that he had met these friends of his in West Virginia through the online computer game World of Warcraft, not physically face to face.

On the ride down to West Virginia, Robert had been doing a speed limit of 110mph when the legal limit is 60-65mph on the highway. Robert didn't care for rules, just like me, which was kind of exhilarating. Therefore, I lit a joint of marijuana to enjoy the road trip experience a bit more. We were now both doing something illegal. Lucky enough for both of us, we never got caught on our way down south. While on the road I was giving Robert a lecture about how one must stick by what it is they believe in and how it gives the individual more character. In doing so, the individual will gain honor among their group of friends as well as a defiant sense of maturity.

On the way to the actual location where Robert's friends were, we stopped at West Virginia University to attend a party. I bought more marijuana from a student at West Virginia University to add to my personal bundle of marijuana that I had brought with me for the road trip. We made new friends at the party and experienced new things that honestly changed us. These things that changed us were the fast-paced party atmosphere at the university that...
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