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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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MOS burger is a Japanese style fast-food restaurant chain which was founded in Tokyo in July 1972. In 1991, the first MOS burger store was opened on Xin Sheng South Road in Taipei and till now there are 174 stores distributed all over in Taiwan. Since 2004, Taiwan and Japan’s MOS burger have been selecting natural beef from New Zealand synchronously. The brand name, MOS burger, clearly states the goals of founder. “M” stands for mountain which is dignified and noble, “O” is to have a wide and vast mind as ocean, and “S” describes the vibrant and life-giving of the sun. Now, there are 52 stores provide 24 hours service in Taiwan (MOS burger Taiwan, 2010).

MOS Burger aim to provide safe, health and delicious food with cordial and friendly service to customers and local communities as well as to serve as a place where customers can relax and prepare for another new day. Unlike its strong competitors such as McDonald’s and KFC to have pre-heated food, MOS burger make each meal right after the order has been placed at counter. Customers can also watch chefs making meals though a transparent kitchen window (MOS burger Taiwan, 2010).

1.Environmental Analysis
1.1Micro-environment Factors
2.1.1 Competitors
MOS burger’s major competitors are McDonald, Burger King and KFC which are all multi-national companies with strong retail brand in fast-food restaurant industry. Their target market is almost identical to attract young generations and individuals who heavily depend on take-away foods. With a gradually saturated fast-food market in Taiwan, the rivalries among existing brands are very competitive. In 2005, MOS Rice Burger was imitated by the Taiwanese division of McDonald’s with pan-seared rice bun. However, a clear brand image of rice burger still belongs to a MOS-exclusive product (Taipei Times, 2005).

In addition, switching costs also take into account of the competition. Since there are many substitutes and similar products in Taiwanese market such as...
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