Mort-Terry Pratchett Essay

Topics: Discworld, Terry Pratchett, Death Pages: 5 (1985 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Mort - Terry Pratchett Storyline, Overview and Analysis

Science Fiction books can be written on the serious way about new or old scientific invention, but sometimes we can see them as a parody where they try to laugh on the real world where the story is a parody. One of my favorite science-fiction and fantasy writer is Sir Terry Pratchett. Sir Terry Pratchett is a British writer who is very famous for his science fictional fantasy comic book world known as Discworld. Sir Terry Pratchett makes no secret of outside influences on his work. They are a major source of his humor. He imports numerous characters from classic literature, popular culture and ancient history always adding an unexpected twist. Discworld series of book are just like that, they are laughing on almost every topic from real life. Discworld has a volume of forty books and Mort is the third book in series of Discworld. The book Mort is like good comedy movie where actors trying to be serious but at the same time they are very funny. Every Character in the book has a certain role that are somehow connected with the main plot. There are two main character that will take us thru the storyline trying to explain complexity of life in Discworld. Both characters will go thru different life situation that are not common for their life. It is very interesting that book has name Sir Terry Pratchett ironically name this book Mort that come from Mortimer which can be mortician. On one interesting style of writing is when Terry Pratchet was try to make funny the way that Death talk to other characters in the book. The font will always be capital. Some of this book comedy will be explain in next few paragraphs. Discworld is a flat disc world that is balanced on the backs of four elephants who standing on the back of the giant turtle, Great A’Tuin. This ironical story about Death and Mort will happened on the Discworld. Mort is a story about the boy whose name is a Mortimer. Mort is teenager who had a personality and temperament that made him rather unsuited to the family farming business. One day his father Lezek decide to took him to a local hiring fair, hoping that Mort would land an apprenticeship with some tradesman, carpenter or other job related …. The day on the fair was really hard for Mort because nobody really put interest for hiring him. Terry Pratchett described Mort as a funny looking tall boy which might be the reason why other boys had better chances to get employment then Mort. At the end of the day, just before the stroke of midnight, a man concealed in a black cloak arrives on a white horse. He was looking for a young man to assist him in his work. The man turns out to be Death, and Mort is given an apprenticeship in ushering souls into the next world. Mort's father can't quite understand that Death is in fact death and believes that his son is going to become an undertaker of some type.. As soon as Death hire Mort he start taking complete care about Mort. He show him a world of living on one side but also he take him to another dimension, which was the world of Death. Death shared his property and life in another dimension with two other characters. Death was living with his adopted daughter Ysabell and his servant Albert who was a wizard that decline to die. Mort was learning a lot about his new job and all of the thing that Death try to teach him. Months and months passed until one day Death decided to send Mort to do his first job alone. Mort was able to do the first part of the job very well. He reject to do the second part of job on proper way which will bring him into trouble later. Mort decide to save the beautiful princess from death. Saving her from death and lying about it put him in trouble that will completely change the way of Discworld history. Trying to fix his own mistake he get into bigger trouble hiding the truth from Death. At one point of the story Death decide to go on vacation leaving all of his duties to Mort. Atmosphere in the...
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