Morocco and Globalization

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  • Published : May 10, 2008
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Morocco and Globalization

Globalization is a recent concept that implies an opening of the commercial borders between countries. It has been imposed on developing countries by developed ones. It underlies a relation of “win-lose” between Western and Eastern economies. In the case of Morocco, it is a condition given by the United States of America to support Rabat politically. Morocco will in fact be benefiting from globalization; however, it will also suffer from the hidden sides of this concept. Economy is just one side of globalization. In fact, globalization concerns economical, social and cultural aspects, and Morocco is far from benefiting from all these aspects. Economically, Morocco is making the wrong choice when accepting to step into globalization. In fact, the country agreed on opening its borders gradually until the complete disappearance of taxes in 2010. At first sight, one can say that it will encourage investments in our economy, but what kind of investments will it be? Certainly not high technology. As a consequence, these incoming investments which will mainly use cheap manpower can end with the complete destruction of Morocco’s internal development. Moroccan companies are not ready yet to face international competition, since they are still stuck in primary industries and are hardly moving towards services. This shows the dangers of an evolution that is not emerging internally but is just imposed by the most powerful part in the negotiations. The use of cheap labour will keep us stuck in a third-world developmental stage and will negatively affect social evolution. It is true that globalization has many gains, and that will create jobs in Morocco. However, as Moroccans are just considered cheap manpower, this will completely decrease their will to build a developed society with its own global companies and its high technological production. If Morocco is reduced to an industrial production and low level services area will ruin every...
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