Morgan Stanley Research Report

Topics: Corporate governance, Management occupations, Board of directors Pages: 9 (2529 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Business Environment Report, fall semester 2009
Submitted to Professor Rick
International College at Beijing China Agricultural University

Morgan Stanley Research Report
Yu Chunyuan

A overview1
1.History (overview)1
3.Current business2 strategy3
B Organization Structure3
1.Organization structure3
3.Key leaders7
1.The Political environment8
2.Economic environment9
4.Technology environment11
5.Ethic environment12

A overview
1.History (overview)
Morgan Stanley (MS) was founded on September 5 1935. The Morgan Stanley was an investment department of JP Morgan before .The government believed someone like JP Morgan lead to the economic crisis in 1929-1933, so government said the commercial bank should be divided from investment bank (“Glass-Steagall Act”). But MS’s performance makes everyone surprising in the first year (1935). Its customers include the world's ten largest oil giant in the six, the U.S. top ten companies 7. The only time an ad is "If God comes to finance; he has to find Morgan Stanley."It shows the how much the influence Morgan Stanley had on capital market .The Morgan Stanley are in pioneering in the global expansion of finance and capital markets. In1997, Wall Street's most respected investment bank Morgan Stanley's top retail broker with Dean Witter merger. It made everyone in international finance very stock. Since then Morgan Stanley’s performance has been declining.

‘Partnership and integrity are the cornerstone of our organization. Innovation and meritocracy allows our people to continue the legacy of winning in the marketplace.’ (Morgan Stanley today)
Our mission is to deliver the finest financial thinking, products and execution in the world." Best Regards, CEO of Morgan Stanley (What is Morgan Stanley mission statement?) Vision: Connecting people, ideas, capital, we will be our clients’ first choice for achieving their financial aspiration. (letter to shareholder) 3.Current business

The Federal Reserve approves for a motor application, the two companies from the traditional investment banks into bank holding companies. In the future, the company will be able to accept deposits, and can apply for a permanent access to emergency financing from the Fed's qualifications; the same time, Morgan Stanley will also be accepted from the Fed and other regulators more stringent regulation and is required to meet the new capital requirements accept an additional level of supervision and level of profitability may also be far less than the past. Morgan Stanley plans to cut 4,800 jobs this year, saved up to 10 billion U.S. dollars, for the recruitment of top-level executives to enhance its derivatives, risk management and proprietary trading and other business strength. Morgan Stanley said in Morgan Stanley for 10 years and later joined Fortress Investment Group LLC appointed portfolio manager of Morgan Stanley's former chief U.S. investment strategist Henry McVey will be held to return to the company, Morgan Stanley Investment Management as global head of macro asset allocation “The bank reported third-quarter earnings of $757m, a turn round from a loss of $159m the previous quarter. Revenues jumped to $8.7bn in the quarter from $5.4bn in the second quarter. The US bank set aside $5bn for compensation expenses in the third quarter, up 28 per cent from $3.9bn in the previous quarter. For the first nine months of 2009, Morgan Stanley has accrued $10.9bn in compensation, down 9 per cent from $12bn in the first nine months of 2008.” (Farrell, 2009) strategy

In sum, it has not created a durable strategy nor has it executed with consistency. (Press, 2009) B Organization Structure
1.Organization structure
Board of Directors

Management Committee


Board committees and charter
Committee Members and Lead...
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