Morgan Freeman

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Morgan Freeman is an actor, director, and narrator who known for having a prominent and convincing speaking voice as well as a peaceful demeanor.  Morgan Freeman is an actor I admire for his dedication to film and continuous movie roles throughout the years beginning in 1971. There has not been a movie so far that I have seen staring Morgan Freeman that I have disliked. My favorite movie that Morgan Freeman stared in was Along Came a Spider in which he played Detective Alex Cross a forensic pathologist who is on a case to find a missing girl who had been kidnapped. Kiss the Girls is the following movie that corresponds with a series of books that had been made into movies.        Morgan Freeman has enjoyed an impressive and varied career on stage, television, and screen He has received numerous Academy Award nominations and Golden Globe nominations for his performances.  Freeman continued to keep a high profile moving with roles in such thrillers as The Sum of All Fears (2002) and Stephen King's Dream catcher, the popular actor averages about two to four films per year. Freeman is one of the few African-American actors to play roles not specifically written for African-Americans. He played Robins sidekick in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Freeman took control of his skills on the other side of the camera, making a directorial debut. Morgan Freeman is a very versatile actor. He can play serious roles as a detective in Along Came a Spider, than narrate March of the Penguins, to staring in a comedy film playing the God in Bruce Almighty. Having acted in such great movies, being versatile in everything that he plays, Morgan Freeman is an actor to admire and his movies are ones to watch over and over again.
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