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Period 2


Students should have more time to eat lunch in school

Have you ever been that kid who has been late to your next period class because you haven't yet finished your lunch cause of that long lunch line? Yea, I know. We've all been there. I believe that our school lunch period should be extended to a full period. My reasons behind this are students are missing valuable class time because they aren't done eating their lunch, students need more time to relax their brain both physically an mentally, and lastly because eating quickly and rushed can lead to obesity.

The school day itself isn't that long and teachers do not have all the time in the world to get through what they need to on a day to day basis, why shorten it even more? We, the students, simply aren't able to finish our lunch on time when the bell rings after 20 minutes letting all the students out., resulting in missing on average 5 - 10 minutes of our next period class which then further results in poor grades. If you decide to extend the luck period to a full 44 minute period students will be able to report to their next period class on time and ready to go maybe even earlier then average. Know, you may be thinking, well if you extend the lunch period then students are going to miss class time no matter what, good point! But, I believe that we can shorten elective periods to a half period, meaning we wouldn't loose any time in our main subject classes. Now, I don't mean to take anything away from electives or anything, but I just feel that those classes are less helpful then the others for our future. Don't get me wrong they certainly are helpful, but just not as much in my opinion. This way we, the students, will be able to enjoy our lunch relaxed and in peace.

Believe it or not eating quickly, which a lot of the students are because they are trying to avoid being late to their next period class, can lead to obesity. "U.S. research shows that when people...
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