More Than a Sport

Topics: American football, American football positions, Jonathan Coachman Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Christopher Scott
Ms. Wagner
28 January 2013
More than Just a Sport

Brotherhood is essential for the development of most men. From businesses to sports, we all go through adversities in life. Most need a little push to give them that other initial step to reach their potential. Majority of others are born leaders in which they lead the blind into the light to see what rewards that will reap on the other side. Football is more than a sport, it is an intuition built on building character and bonds that cannot be broken. Pure silence and deep contemplation clouded the locker room as we prepared for the ensuing battle against our rivals, Simpson Academy. As our defensive secondary coach, Coach Raley, began to review over our defensive assignments, I walk outside. The warmth of the sun on my face felt great as I walked to the football field. Hands in my pocket, I wander aimlessly around the north end goal post clearing my head and reviewing over the speech that I was preparing to give as the secondary’s captain. Kneeling to the earth, I rest my head on my hands and recited a prayer. After several minutes passed by, I returned to the locker room. Walking towards my locker I begin to strap on my equipment. After my teammates and I were fully dressed, we all gathered together for a chant. After the chant I began to give my teammates a speech about courage, adversity, and brotherhood. After the speech I looked into the eyes of every captain and teammate that stood before me and recite this quote from Ray Lewis, “You take five fingers. Individually, I can pin any one of them, but if I pin them together, it’s damn near impossible to turn this around”. We all raised our hands as I stood in the middle of the huddle and as we separated the echoes of brotherhood bounced off the concrete walls in the locker room. Soon after our head coach, Mac Barnes, gave us an emotional speech and we all bowed our heads grasping one another’s hand reciting the Lord’s Prayer....
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