More Than a Game

Topics: American way, National Football League, Play Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Mrs. Burchfield
English composition 1101
February, 8 2011

The roar of the crowd, the aroma of freshly cut grass, and the heart pumping feeling you get moments leading up to a game. These are all things football fanatics know all too well and also reasons fanatics are such fanatics about this sport. To most people football is just a game, but to numerous diehard fans football is a way of life. To some players playing in college football this game is a way for them to earn a scholarship to a school and better themselves intellectually and mentally as a person. Someone who doesn’t understand the game or what the game of football represents may just see a bunch of moronic men running as fast as they can and hitting each other as hard as they can. I hope by the end of this essay, for those of you who think that way, will have a better understanding about this game and its enormous impact on American people and the American way of life. As soon you enter a football stadium you can feel the buzz around the stadium given off by every fan. The closer and closer you get to your seat the more and more people you see and the more excited you get for the start of the game. When you look around you are hard pressed to find a person not wearing a home team item or supporting the home team in some way, whether it be hat, jersey, or an occasional painted face. These thousands of people you see are the heart and soul of what this game means and really shows how influential a particular team is by these thousands of people being unified by a simple game. Thousands of student athletes make their commitment to colleges every year and a substantial number of them will never play professionally in their sport. Though they may never go pro the challenge and opportunity to succeed at the college level is reward enough to them. Some of these athletes come from very violent backgrounds and can potentially be on a path to destruction, but football can give...
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