More Than Just Eating Together

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  • Published : October 5, 2010
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More than just eating together
“ Dad, buntis po…..buntis po si Dianne yung classmate ko.” Does it sound familiar? With a serious aura, conscientious statements, deep and powerful dialogue, this piece of breathe taking line touches the heart of every Filipino family. The new advertisement of Lucky Me- Kainang Pampamilya Mahalaga is really captivating for it awakens the spirit of every parent in the very nook part of the world. It makes us realize that sparing a little time eating together with your family is essential to our life. Let me tell you why the ad is something to look forward. The commercial goes like this, “A mother called her daughter and husband for dinner. The setting was dark and heavy when suddenly the daughter masked with anxiety told her parents, “Dad, buntis po..”. Time stopped running and her parents’ eyes were wide opened, held their breath while scooping a spoonful of Lucky Me noodles. “…buntis po si Dianne yung classmate ko. Hindi po namin siya makakasama gragraduate”, the girl continued. Everyone exhaled and the nervous was relieved. Then the daughter asked, “Ma, mahirap po ba mabuntis?”. “Anak, mas mahirap ang maging ina”, her mother whispered. A brief fact flaseh in the screen saying “ 2 in 3 teens long to have dinner with parents to discuss issues like sex and pregnancy. Lastly, Sharon Cuneta, KPM advocate stated her words of wisdom.

For generations, the family meal has been an essential human ritual. This is the time when members of the family sit around the same table, eat the same food and most importantly, listen to one another. It is very important to talk on the issues like “teenage pregnancy” with the whole family so that parents would be able to guide their children in the right track. It is a sad fact that many Filipino families are now taking mealtimes for granted. All kinds of social, economic, and technological factors contributed to the decline in the frequency of family dining. With both parents working, longer commutes,...
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