More Schools Choose to Teach Abstinence-Plus

Topics: Human sexual behavior, High school, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 10, 2013
More Schools Choose to Teach Abstinence-Plus

The article describes how an increasing number of teenage pregnancies in Texas are increasing at an alarming rate. That around 172 pregnant girls are enrolled in the city’s public schools and some as young us 13 are pregnant. Even more astounding number is that around 22,000 students have reported to have sexually transmitted infections. This has led the school board to institute a new curriculum an abstinence-plus program for seventh and eighth graders, emphasizing that waiting for sex is right thing to do. With this curriculum they hope reduce teenage pregnancies.

It’s definitely shocking to see the youth at such a state, girls getting pregnant at such young age and diseases. I knew there was problem but not to this degree, I went high school and I knew one girl that was pregnant and still in high school. Things were not easy for her, responsibilities increased for her, this led her schooling suffering. Rising child is extremely difficult and even more daunting when you’re just child yourself. This article has brought to my attention how bad situation with youth pregnancies and how its increasing with time and no clear solution is in place.

With how the media and society have changed, more and more people becoming comfortable with sex, it seems extremely credible. With sex in media becoming more prominent and more people are exposed to it and even at younger age. It clearly shows and tells story of how school system in Texas is trying to prevent the problem from growing. In addition the article shows what steps are been taken by school board by introducing the curriculum hoping to change minds of youth. This could be extremely important and change the tide.

This article definitely focuses more on education and problem youth are going through. The article also shows what can be done to try slow down youth pregnancies. The author’s name is Morgan Web; she has a bachelor's degree in English from Wellesley...
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