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More or Less: Military Defense Spending
David Dmytryszyn
Baker College

More or Less: Military Defense Spending
The 9/11 attacks forced Americans to have to start worrying about their homeland being attacked at anytime. This added to military spending in the billions. That along with the war in Iraq and the numerous military bases and troops stationed around the world has sent the military spending budget well over 500 billion a year.(, 2009) 500 hundred is the budget but the American government spends far more. There is a hidden cost that not every American will see. 300 billion more is spent on military related fields such as foreign military aid, retirement pay, and veterans’ benefits. (, 2009) That sum does not even include the funding for the operations in Iraq or Afghanistan. In total the operational costs for the U.S. military has rose over a trillion dollars in 2008. (, 2009) Military spending has not been as high since World War II in 1945 and 1946.(Weidenbaum, 2003) Is America’s armed forces and government obsessed with war and showing off their muscle or is all this money that is being spent to protect national security and the American people justified.

The American government tells Americans that this money being spent is absolutely necessary for the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism. But experts would argue that the United States already spends way too much money on defense. And the money being spent is not being allocated to the right places.”Much of the money being spent is going towards obsolete weapons that have no use in today’s modern fast-paced military. (New Statesmen, 2002, p.29) Most of these huge defense contracts are being approved only because legislators are getting colossal contributions towards their next campaigns. (New Statesmen, 2002, p.29) Is this how the American people want to spend their hard earned tax money? The American market is in shambles right now and the government just keeps sinking more and more money into the military when they are already way over their budget. This money could be used for far more useful things. They spend billions over their budget so that should be plethora of money to have some left over for projects in their homeland. The government doesn’t have to spend money on armed forces every time they get the urge.

The army spent 48 billion dollars in 2006 on the Comanche, a modernized version of a helicopter that hasn’t been useful since the Korean War. (New Statesmen, 2002, p.31) America does not need to waste billions of dollars on technology that dates that far back. If the money is going to be spent, it should be spent on new technology that will give the U.S. a new age advantage over anyone else. That is not the only expenditure that billions of dollars get wasted on. Why would that kind of money and that many resources be wasted on something that will probably never get used because it is not sophisticated enough for today’s warfare. Another useless billion dollar endeavor is the Crusader Howitzer, which 475.6 million has been spent on it in 2003 alone. It is the heaviest and slowest artillery weapon in existence and although it packs a serious punch, there is only one way to transport it overseas and that airplane (called the air truck) is few and far in between. The military has only one. (New Statesmen, 2002, p.36) That makes the Crusader useless unless you use it close to the U.S. or if the U.S. was in a full scale battle on their own soil. Basically the only place or time you would use it would be in a full World War. The U.S defense department says better safe than sorry when it comes to the abundance of weaponry they have. President Bush was quoted in saying “Why have 2000 bombs when we can have 6000 bombs”. (, 2009) That is a bold statement to make for a country whose economy is as its worst point in decades. Their own President is saying more, more, and more and that just...
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