More High School Security Is Needed

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Schools Need More Security For Protection!
Students in schools should definitely feel safe. For many students attending and going through their daily schedule is a routine. Most students feel safe at school, as if nothing could happen to them. Many schools have practice drills to teach students and staff what to do in an emergency situation. Although emergency preparedness is practiced, some students and staff still feel there should be more security in schools. Over the years practice drills have become increasingly more important. Schools in the New York State for example must hold the emergency drills numerous times in a school year. This is enforced for the safety of the students and faculty/staff. Some schools such as Penn Yan Central Schools, Geneva City Schools, Canandaigua City Schools, Rochester City schools, and Dundee Central Schools have evacuation and lock down plans that all the students learn at a young age and practice. I feel schools should have more security then just a school officer and enforcing practice drills. There have been many issues leading up to why schools need more security.

Recently, on December fourteenth 2012 there was a shooting at an elementary school. This was in Connecticut, but just as New York State, in Connecticut the schools run through emergency drills often so each person in the building is aware of what to do. Similar to this shooting there were other tragedies. In 1921 there was a one man murder in Syracuse NY. More recently, there have been more than six security breaches in New York Schools alone. (Stark)

There was a security breach nearby in Canandaigua City High School in 2008. One of the students left school by going out a back door and “got a gun wrapped in a pair of jeans from his vehicle and was let back in by another student who didn’t find it suspicious at all. He entered a bathroom over by the sports dome part of the school. His intension was to blow up the...
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