More Guns, Less Crime

Topics: Concealed carry in the United States, Crime, Criminology Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Summary of article in the magazine Handguns:

Don B. Kates discusses “shall-issue” laws on concealed carry permits in the United States. In his article, he begins by evaluating a famous study done by John Lott. His study credits the ‘deterrent’ effect of states’ “shall-issue” laws which spread handgun licensing out to responsible citizens who abide by the law and have a very minimal criminal record. Lott’s study suggests that “there is a massive reduction in violent crime in the 1990’s because criminals believe that most citizens within these “shall-issue” states have concealed handguns, therefore, are less likely to attack”. After reviewing Lott’s study, Kates criticizes the concept of a “gun-free zone”. In short he says that when one examines the concept of a gun-free zone instead of unthinkingly accepting it, the realization is nonsense. It means that the only armed people in that zone are criminals. It makes more sense, in Kates’ view to withdraw these gun-free zones and allow concealed carry, even in public places. He even points out various examples of other nations with shall-issue laws adopted and the safety and security they have given to the citizens. For example in Jerusalem, Israel in June 1984, three terrorists attempted to machine-gun a crowd, only to be shot by handgun-carrying Israelis. If Israel did not have these laws in their legislation in Kates’ view, the entire crowd would have been mowed down by machine-gun fire. Kates concludes his article by stating that “shall-issue” laws were an experiment that has proven safe and beneficial, and they should be adopted in the few states that do not now have them.

Summary of article in scholarly publication American Journal of Public Health:

John Lott conducted a study in the United States regarding concealed carry permits and the decline of violent crime. His study concluded that the “states’ issuance of concealed carry permits lowers violent crime rates and saves lives”. Many...
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