More Filipino Children Stunted Due to Malnutrition

Topics: Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Infant Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 22, 2013
MANILA, Philippines—The next generation of Filipinos will probably be shorter and lighter if the incidence of malnutrition in the country remains unchecked. According to the latest study by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, three in every 10 Filipino children aged 5 and below are stunted or too short for their age while two in every 10 children also in the same age range are underweight. Speaking at a media conference on malnutrition, FNRI executive director Dr. Mario Capanzana said it was “alarming” that the stunting trend among children tends to increase as they get older. Capanzana said stunting, a condition largely irreversible among children, was an indicator of chronic malnutrition. “It’s a multi-faceted problem and there’s no one solution to that,” he said. He noted that exclusive breastfeeding, which has picked up over the last few years among Filipino mothers, is one of the solutions to stunting but still “not enough.” When a child reaches 6 months old, he said, mothers must complement breast milk with the right kind of food. “We need to provide appropriate complementary quality food aside from commercially available baby food or weaning food,” said Capanzana. The study showed that the prevalence of stunting was at 14.1 percent among infants 0-5 months old and 16.2 percent among infants aged 6-11 months old. The incidence of stunted growth among 1-year-olds was monitored at 33.6 percent and among 2-year-olds, 39.3 percent. Stunting was highest among children aged 3, with 41.5 percent, according to the study.Aside from stunting, children aged 5 and below were also underweight, according to Capanzana. He noted that the prevalence of underweight children was highest among those aged 4-5 years old at 23.2 percent.The recent FNRI study also showed that the rate of underweight children was 21.8 percent among those aged 2; 21.7 percent among children aged 3; and 19.5 percent among children aged 1.Figures also showed that incidence of underweight...
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