Morals Surrounding Homosexuality

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  • Published : September 8, 2005
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Issues surrounding the topic of homosexuality have sparked great emotional debate in society. People who are in favour of homosexuality often attribute it to genetic or biological reasons. People who are not in favour of homosexuality regard homosexuality as a social immorality and should be prohibited. This presentation aims to introduce the idea that homosexuality is not an abnormal phenomenon and should be recognised as a social norm. Homosexuality can be defined as sexual attraction between individuals of the same sex. The following factors will attempt to address the issues surrounding the morality of Homosexuality. Firstly, Homosexuality is not a choice but a result. Secondly, homosexuals do not lead a lifestyle that differs much from heterosexuals. Thirdly, children raised by homosexual couples are virtually identical to those raised by heterosexuals.

Homosexuality is not a choice but a result. The morality of homosexuality is a topic that splits the advocates of homosexuality and the people who condemn homosexuality. Homosexuals and their advocates do not see homosexuality as being immoral or unethical and thus support it, while the people who condemn or discourage homosexuality see it as immoral and regard it as a negative aspect of social behaviour. Scientific evidence shows that, in many cases, people do not choose their sexual orientations. It is in their natures to prefer sexual relations with members of the same sex. Biological factors such as genetics play a substantial role in determining one's sexual orientation. While the developmental mechanisms are not yet fully understood, it is known that many homosexuals are attracted to members of the same sex by no choice of their own. It is therefore morally right for people to act in accordance with their nature, be it homosexual or heterosexual.

Secondly, research results have shown conclusively that homosexuals go through a fairly normal childhood and behave no differently from homosexuals....
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