Morals and What Makes a Human Being

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Internal Assessment: Morals and what makes a human being
We as people have many categories in which we describe humans as being “human,” one of which is morals and the human nature and ability to determine what is right and wrong. The idea that there are unspoken actions that all people believe are wrong and you should just not do are the ideas of “universal morals.” Do universal morals exist? If so, what are these morals? The dictionary definition of moral is expressing or conveying truths or counsel as to right conduct, as a speaker or a literary work. There are universal morals in which each family teaches their children such as not to kill, etc. But also these morals can differ depending on the upbringing or the morals of that individual and what their outlook on what is acceptable in society. There are certain morals you do not have to be taught, you can just learn such as right from wrong and no to harm people just by visuals of your surroundings; but also that the teaching and acts of the parents can affect the morals of that child to change how they view them depending on upbringing

In recent years, there has been the development of the iPhone and various other smart phones. Since the evolution of these devices the argument that “An iPhone can be considered a human being” has been discussed and many facts are shown leaning towards the side that they are considered human beings. This argument while can be proven, true if false do to the fact that technological devices contain no moral code or sense of ethics. .

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A human being would be considered by most people, a biologically real being that have feelings, a mind of its own and is made of flesh and blood; I agree with this statement but only to a certain extent. Man-made technology cannot be considered a human being, because it does not have the same characteristics that human beings have. Technology such as the iPhone is not able to think on its own or perform any action on its own without the force of the human being behind it. Human beings create the technology that we can now debate that is relatively similar to us as species, but no matter how much technology evolves there will still be major differences between that and humans. Technology is unable to process emotion or any common sense questions you may ask it. With the iPhone 4S, if you were to ask Siri for instance “Do you believe in God?” Her response would be that she is unable to answer the question. Siri (iPhone 4S) being unable to answer the question verifies that she has no moral code or sense of belief. Technology is not capable of having a mind of its own or thinking for itself because technology only knows what the programmer of the device programs it to know, and nothing beyond that. Technology is not able to be sat down and taught and slowly progress in intelligence such as humans can; technological devices are built with all the information they with ever know. Technological devices and human beings are different but also similar in many ways, but the fundamental difference between the two is empathy makes us human.

Empathy is the capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings (such as sadness or happiness) that are being experienced by another sapient or semi-sapient being. ( Empathy can also be tied into the Epistemology which is the IB- Page 3

“Theory of knowledge and its justification.” The type of epistemology that I tied empathy to was Empiricism, which states that knowledge is obtained through experience and there are justified beliefs, which also can tie into the belief of morals. If you contain an epistemological view on life then most likely you would be slanted towards the existence of “universal morals,” because morals can be believed as experience based or something that you are taught down through parents or relatives. Epistemology is important because it is fundamental to how we think. Many people of the world such as...
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