Morals and Values

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Morals and Values

Morals and values are part of a person behavior. There is not much difference between the two, but I do believe that they complement each other. As a result there was also a television show that stated morals and values challenges in the main characters such as The Cosby Show. The show gave viewers great examples on values and morals teaching me lesson as me and my family would watch the show once a week night together. When raising a child, one is taught values by their families what’s right or wrong and morals is taught from a social factor for deciding good or bad. Values consist on certain actions and qualities that are important to a family. For example: honesty, trust, courage, respect, honor and compassion. As growing up as a child I was taught to always tell the truth and to treat people right. These are values that were imbibed in me as a child. Knowing sometimes I didn’t always do these things, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Certainly it is heart breaking to see people today mistreat people for no reason at all, especially our young people in this day of time. The question is asked “Do they have respect for any one or even have respect for their selves? The young people without morals and values really affect their behavior. Is this a result to poor parenting, being having to raise their selves at such an early age or maybe they came from good homes but chose to live a hard and disruptive life. What does that say about our morals and values? What does this say about who we are?

After all morals is a system beliefs therefore a person is judged more for his moral character then the values. However, 75 percent of Americans believe that our nation is in a moral decline. Morals are a motivation to having a good life. They contribute to the system of beliefs which we get from the society. For instance, it can be related to ones religion, poetical system or a business society. Therefore these morals do not come from within a...
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