Morals and Cultural Relativism

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  • Published : October 12, 2011
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I believe the act of deliberately sacrificing another human being is morally wrong, but there are some cases where it is justifiable. I also believe that cultural relativism plays a role in this, and that some societies view sacrificing others as morally right and that culture needs to be taken into consideration. An example of this is the killing of female babies in the Inuit culture. Female babies were killed due to a high death rate among men, who were hunters, which led to a surplus of females. This shortage of men, meant a shortage of food, in order to keep the majority of the culture alive, men were of priority because they were the providers of food. It is morally right in their society to kill due to these circumstances, but our society shuns upon such activity and it is morally wrong for us. I personally see this as a morally wrong act because these female babies weren’t asked to be part of this world or “disposed” of for that matter, but it is justifiable because more of them would die due to lack of food and if they allowed every female to live, it would drain their very limited resources. Euthanasia is the intentional killing of a patient for his/her alleged benefit by a doctor. Or physician assisted suicide, when a doctor helps another person end their life. The reason why the doctor deliberately kills a patient is because the patient wants to end his/her life of suffering. I personally don’t see euthanasia or physician assisted suicide as a morally wrong act if the patient knowingly and coherently requests it, I believe it is justifiable because of all the suffering, not only for the patient, but the family and friends (majority) as well. Death penalty is another example, many Americans believe that execution of convicted murderers acts as a restraint, and prevents the future deaths of many innocent people. They feel that the overall gain to society outweighs the killing of some individual lives. I personally don’t agree with the death penalty,...
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