Morality of a Teenager

Topics: Adolescence, 2006 singles Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: February 21, 2011
¬Morality Speech
Good morning to the wonderful people who are here today. We already know what I am here for. I will be talking for you and you alone. I cannot change you with one talk. But, I will try my best to be a good speaker for you all. First of all, I think that teenagers are quite the example when it comes to morality. Or, I must say that we are great examples for this. What do we do? What do we want to do? What do we have to do? What are the things we always do? We usually set culture, trends, beliefs, what’s in or out. By the time children become teenagers, parents expect their child to know what is right from wrong. But, some of us teenagers seem to be taking advantage of this. Parents thought of limiting teenagers too much, but I do believe that “the more parents hold on tight, the more we pull away”. What does affect a teenager’s morality? All of us may know this, because we are here today, living in what I believe is the best part of life -- the teenage life. The first is childhood. Childhood is really a huge part of our morality. It shows how well informed we are since we are little kids. A teenager bases his future from his past. A little boy’s dream is to be like his dad in the future. A little girl wants to be like her mom in the future. But, if these kids grow within a broken family, the words that we can hear from them are “I’m never going to be like my mom or my dad.” I’m in a broken family, but I’m not saying that I hate my parents. I don’t hate my parents, I just hate the situation. I cannot always blame them if I never tried fixing something broken. The 2nd is education, the more teenagers know, the more they get exposed. Consequently, we get more experience and from those experiences, we get lessons. And from those lessons, we learn. We know what to do next time. We know how to deal with it. I am not saying that a teenager who doesn’t have the ability to be well-educated is immoral. I just want to say that the more privileged a...
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