Morality in Health Care Practice

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  • Published : July 4, 2011
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How essential is morality to health care practice? Medical professionalism in a commercialized health care market --THE DEBATE- Honesty in Medicine:Should Doctors Taking Non practicing allowance in a Research institution indulge in private practice .Tell the Truth?(Interestingly this always triggers a debate on the social networking websites esp facebook with many supporting for /against this private practice of doctors.)Medicine is a noble profession.To some, medicine is more than a profession. It is a calling – a calling to do good to society with no self-interest The primary aim of medical profession is to render service to humanity. Financial gain is a subordinate consideration. But what we see around us that medical practitioners in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies are prescribing and thereby promoting unnecessary drugs just for the sake of monetary gains. Exploring what morality is, how it affects our behavior, our conscience, our society, and our ultimate destiny. Morality has become a complicated issue in the multi-cultural world we live in today. What happens when immorality attacks a nation? Well, by looking at historic examples, it drains away the people’s liveliness, their vigor. It is a simple fact that whenever you give into Satan’s temptations you lose some of your will power.A majority of physicians don't consider it unethical to accept such gifts as receipt of pens, pen-stand, pads, calendars, drug samples, company funded lunch or dinner etc at which company's products are favourably mentioned.7 But acceptance of expensive gifts of (JIAFM, 2005 : 27 (1 Apart from earning a living like any trade, a Medical professional has an additional obligation to the public. This obligation is to give the best in the care of the patients.We are obligated to give not just our best, but the best that is available. This is because our best may not be the best in certain circumstances. As a Medical professional, we should know our own...
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