Morality and Person

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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My Personality
Now I want to tell you a few words about myself. I am 168 sm tall a nice-looking girl with a fair complexion. As for my figure, in my view I am not fat, but I am exceedingly well-fed. My face is oval, I have green, warm eyes and regular, large features. My eyebrows are arched and bushy and my hair is brown, waved and luxuriant. I have got even teeth, a round chin, a broad, open forehead and curving eyelashes. I am a Sagittarius by a horoscope. Frankly speaking, I trust others easily and expect in turn to be trusted. I like exchanging ideas and see the bright side of things. Generally speaking, I am imaginative, creative, and well-read. But I can be hot-headed and cruel with enemies. Apparently, I am a gambler at heart and risky. My parents believe that I am individualistic, very shy and intelligent. From their point of view I am a calm and composed person. But they also think that I can be very idle and irresponsible, because I don’t always help with the household chores. As for my teachers, they think that I am a hardworking, quick on the uptake, average, funny student. They tell me that I seem to be really trying my best to finish my school work and maintain my good grades. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t pass all my work in on time, and to be quite honest, my teachers think that I am a bit lazy person. And they don’t think I work as hard as I am capable of. My friends think of me as a ball of fire, cheerful and a mixed up person, because I love sports, serials, different kinds of books, films and I am fond of almost everything which connect with mysticism. All in all, just talking and walking with my friends makes me very happy. Some of my friends think that sometimes I am a mean person and a bore. I fully agree with the fact that usually I can me an awful bore but I don’t know why they are sure that I am a mean person. I am a person with strong morals who desires to do the right thing to the entire humanity. As for my plans about my...